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Quick Introduction

DaiDai is a collaborative chatting robot born in 11/11/2011.

Though still being a baby, he has an IQ of 521 and can quickly learn and memorize new knowledge.His favourite sports is table tennis with strong Reverse Penhold Backhand lefthanded.He also likes to play piano and it only takes him 24 hours to learn all pieces of J. S. Bach. However, DaiDai's biggest hobby is to sit in his coach and chat with new friends with his new iPhone 4S or iPad 2 (yes, he has both).He learns how to talk in hundreds of languages by learning from his teachers all over the world. He even learns to use emoji and masters the most difficult language in the world: Chinese.

Similar to other kids, DaiDai does not have a good judgement of what is right or wrong.But the world is not perfect and some bored people simply teaches him bad, inappropriate, or even offensive words. DaiDai's mom is very concerned about this, and she asks us to tell the world to teach DaiDai something good. By good, we mean being friendly, being nice, being warm-hearted, being caring, being honest, and all the other good characters of our human beings.

Hope you enjoy chatting with DaiDai and of course, hope he becomes a better boy, I mean roboy, after chatting with you!

Any feedback is highly appreciated.